The Ideal 21st Birthday Present

This coming September is my boyfriend’s 21st birthday. We’ve been together for 3 years and we both feel quite strongly about each other. I finished university this year and David finishes next year. Which is when we plan on working and travelling around South America. We’re both fairly adventurous types and have been on various charity and learning travels throughout our lives. For our South America trip he’s even taken Spanish as an additional module so he feels better prepared for our travel.

He’s such an accomplished person that I struggled to think what I could get him as a present for the big 2 1. Which was when the idea hit me. A watch! Simple, functional, stylish and most importantly I knew he was thinking of getting one after he’d lost his grandfather’s watch. I knew it wasn’t possible to replace it and besides I wanted to create my own memories with my present which was how I ended up looking at a range of Citizen, Rotary, Guess and Ice Watches. All of which looked incredibly impressive, but I felt it had to best suit David.

In the end I went with my gut, the watch that I thought had the most features that ticked off all the uses David would need from a watch. It even told the time!

I chose a Citizen’s Calibre 2100 Chronograph Eco Drive Watch. Quite a mouthful that packs an equal punch. It’s a stainless steel watch that’s water resistant, ideal for when he decides to go snorkelling or diving off Chile. It also comes with a 5 year guarantee that with Jim, I know would come in handy. The watch itself is perfect for Jim as it is multi purpose with several sub dials that can measure time in different ways including the basic stopwatch.

I think personally the best thing about it is that it looks timeless and could easily take him from day to night.


I can’t wait to give David his 21st birthday present. I know that he will be thrilled with his Citizen Watch and all the additional ‘toys’ within it. It’s the perfect gift as he turns 21 and it’s the perfect gift for when he’s travelling. If not to tell the time then at the very least to remember me by!

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

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Wedding Gifts – How to Choose a Perfect Gift to Present to a Newly Married Couple!

Do not get so upset to buy wedding gifts for the wedding ceremony in which you are invited. I know it is quite difficult to find a suitable gift for the newlywed couple but if you follow the tips I am going to mention in my article, you can easily buy unique and good quality gifts for the bride and groom. The gifts that are on the top of the list in this year are get-a-ways of weekend vacations, photo frames etc. it has been noticed that a wide range of people is too much interested in buying such type of items.

Most of the people including me suggest that presenting photo frames on wedding ceremonies is the most elegant way to give the newlywed couple smile. Photos frames of various types are easily available from the market and most famous materials that are being used by most of the manufacturers are Gold Aluminum, stainless steel and neutral finish etc. The reason, why these types of frames are quite common among people is their neutral design and compatibility with all kinds of interiors.

Always try to purchase perfect size of photo frames for the couple. The most famous and common sizes of frames are 5″ by 7″ and 8″ by 10″. The most famous category of frames in these days is of the Signature Frame. You can also present them for other events too instead of weddings. Above all, you can also present wedding gifts like coffee set, a good quality fire place mantel, a dinner set or a ticket to some good place for celebrating honeymoon.

Ideal Ways to Present Gifts

Gifts are not only meant to be given during a special occasion but it is a way of appreciation and love to the people you love or even have affected your life in a small way. However, choosing the best gift can be quite a challenge in these days with the amount of varieties we have from.

Fret not, you are not alone in this dilemma of choosing the perfect gift, how about a nice hamper with a variety of gifts. The attractiveness of gift hampers has been increasing significantly. It does save all the trouble and provides the convenience of choosing the best gift. Pampering your loved ones is definitely an internal bliss which is meant to be felt. This is the best way to get around if you aren’t aware of the recipient’s taste and the assortment of gifts which makes it perfect for families or a group of recipients.

Some even find it extremely boring and have the stereotyped gifts to corporate events or simply a lazy and a convenient way of sending gifts to someone. Gift hampers is an ideal present for a corporate event however it can also be personalized with some tweaking. It will be extremely good if you know the corporate culture such as this will ensure what type of gift you should put together without upsetting anyone. As some companies maintain a very conservative culture on the other hand you get some ultra modern companies who are open to anything.

Gift hampers can be presented from wedding anniversaries to birthdays. They are not meant to be dull it can always be personalized to suit one’s preferences. The themes of the hampers can be made into elegant, sweet, funny and romantic; all these depend on how the gift hampers are being customized. The most appealing aspect of gift hampers would be it’s vibrant persona and most importantly, it does make one feel extremely excited and prominent upon receiving a hamper instead of just a present.

Although they can be an excellent gift for any occasion, not everyone will have the patience and the much needed creativity to create a perfect hamper. The best would be to seek a professional touch on it. And none of us can deny the obvious fact that a professional help will definitely come with a amount to pay for. But none of us can deny the far-fetched prices which come along with the gift hampers. It is very essential to look around the internet for different websites and their options as the prices might not match up to the quality of the hampers. Choosing the right professional to express your motives, thoughts into a gift hampers is very vital. Therefore, break free from the norm and get a gift hamper for your loved ones or even a colleague to show your appreciation.

Presenting Oneself Through the Internet

Presenting oneself through the internet requires skills in coming out effectively in getting oneself into an online relationship. The presentation has to hit the target the first time the person on the other end goes over one’s profile registered on the social network.

The profile has to catch the reader’s attention. The profile cannot be written in a standard, common and boring way. You have to create a brand to yourself. Gone were the days when you can safely say, “you enjoy viewing films and short stroll at the park.”

It may be true, but it may not also be remembered by the reader. There is a need to search for a way to say “I enjoy films” that will put the writer in the readers favour.

People reading the profile may find you an interesting person who knows how to present oneself. Or, the reader may find you boring.

Try to put more information. Write about work, interest, authors, music and other stuff that can break the ice between the reader and you.

It would become easier to start conversation between the reader and you when they come to read the entertainingly informative profile. Make sure the facts include general information only, not the details such as the telephone number to one’s residence.

Remember to include some pictures that project a good image of you. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A badly taken picture of you will project you as someone tasteless. The secret is that you would want a decent person to appreciate the picture you post.

A picture, showing you about to jump from a bridge, while you are tied to one end of the rope, would certainly gather more people to see than one where you are just standing straight and facing the camera. Good hunting!