On-Going Education, Business Presentation and the Flow of Entertainment

Some business presentation consultants and many on-going education seminar teachers warn about the flow of entertainment in teaching. It is important to make learning fun and using visual equipment in a classroom setting makes sense to pique the curiosity of the participants. But be careful not to over do it the experts say.

Even those who give business presentations think about the over use of entertainment visuals, as they want to sell a concept, service or product not dazzle everyone with free-entertainment. Presenters must have a clear understanding of their mission, whether it is to sell something, teach something or enlighten someone. Once the message is lost all is lost and sure it was entertaining, but you have defeated your entire purpose.

Psychologists often say that The flow of “Entertainment” does somewhat curb the human appetite for learning and I believe that this is because they do all the thinking and your brain goes into hibernation. But, we know from fMRI scans on TV watchers that like a Starbucks Mocha Frappachino Caffeine rush there is an immediate spike for about fifteen minutes.

So, if you can spike the awareness for 4-5 minutes (TV news segment trick) then take them into your learning system, slow them down so to speak and make them think and ponder the use of this tool in groups and bring them back again, which is often done at small business symposiums then you do both? Visualization does not have to be entertainment completely, but humans do enjoy visualization.

I hope this article propels thought and proper planning in your presentations in 2007. Our goal is simple and that is to assist you in your quest to be the best.