Presenting Oneself Through the Internet

Presenting oneself through the internet requires skills in coming out effectively in getting oneself into an online relationship. The presentation has to hit the target the first time the person on the other end goes over one’s profile registered on the social network.

The profile has to catch the reader’s attention. The profile cannot be written in a standard, common and boring way. You have to create a brand to yourself. Gone were the days when you can safely say, “you enjoy viewing films and short stroll at the park.”

It may be true, but it may not also be remembered by the reader. There is a need to search for a way to say “I enjoy films” that will put the writer in the readers favour.

People reading the profile may find you an interesting person who knows how to present oneself. Or, the reader may find you boring.

Try to put more information. Write about work, interest, authors, music and other stuff that can break the ice between the reader and you.

It would become easier to start conversation between the reader and you when they come to read the entertainingly informative profile. Make sure the facts include general information only, not the details such as the telephone number to one’s residence.

Remember to include some pictures that project a good image of you. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A badly taken picture of you will project you as someone tasteless. The secret is that you would want a decent person to appreciate the picture you post.

A picture, showing you about to jump from a bridge, while you are tied to one end of the rope, would certainly gather more people to see than one where you are just standing straight and facing the camera. Good hunting!