Focus on One Person at a Time Before and After a Presentation While Maintaining Eye Contact

Just a few days ago, I met a speaker after the speaker’s presentation. We started a conversation and then, all of a sudden, seemed distracted by others in the room. I lost this person’s contact . Was she focusing on someone else? Was she listening-even hearing-what I was saying? I wasn’t sure, so what did I do? I finished, perhaps my one-sided, conversation, with, “Well, it was nice talking to you” and simply left. Has this happened to you?

Before you begin a presentation, you generally should mingle with your audience, and then after the presentation, you should again take the opportunity to meet with your audience to answer questions and to proceed with your back of the room sales (if you have products). However, this is not the purpose of this article.

The purpose of this article is about focusing on one person at a time when you are mingling with the audience before and after your presentation.

Have you been to a networking group and met someone and as soon as you begin conversing, he/she begins to shop the room? How did you feel? Small? Not important? Slighted?

President Reagan, and even President Clinton, were known to be quite attentive when speaking to others. Even thought they were former presidents, if you were able to converse with them, you had their fullest attention. It was as if nothing else mattered. How would you feel? Important? Respected?

Perhaps there may be a time when you want to meet a particular person and you notice him/her. What do you do? Do you abruptly leave the person with whom you were conversing? Do you say, “Just a sec!” and rush to meet this other person? I’ve seen these scenarios far too often. What I try the best to do is to be truthful and ask, “I really have been wanting to meet Mr/Ms. So and So. Do you mind if I leave you for a moment? I’ll return immediately after I meet this person.” Then when you meet this person, you may speed up your meeting by saying, “…I really would like to have a few minutes with you; however, I’m busy with this other person. Could we meet in 30 minutes at…or immediately after dinner?”

When you are meeting the members of the audience, either before or after your presentation, you should:

* Be attentive, make eye contact, and listen when someone is speaking.
* Avoid shopping the room as you talk.
* Be truthful if you happen to see someone you really must meet.

How to Buy a Good Birthday Present

Buying a good birthday present need not be a big task however it can prove to be much more difficult than people think especially if they are not given any direction from the person they are buying it for. So how does one not spend a fortune but still deliver a gift that not only does the person like but also gets lots of enjoyment out of?

By addressing the issue of what is an adequate amount of money to spend on someone is generally a good place to start when it comes to buying a birthday gift as many people tend to believe (wrongly) that the more a gift costs the better the gift. Now for some people out there this is the case as they tend to define things by the price tag rather than the thought or the actual gift itself.

Surveys have shown that the actual cost does not make a big difference to a person so if one is operating under quite a tight budget do not be put off as there are plenty of good options out there to select from. Now a good amount of money to spend on a birthday gift for someone close is anything above forty pounds but below one hundred pounds.

Now if a person is blessed enough to be able to afford to spend more than one hundred pounds that is great and they can still take the advice off the gifts below but perhaps can spend extra on slightly more prestigious brands.

A gift that is absolutely ideal for a quality birthday gift that has been around for a while but is still a classic is a watch. Now this may not seem such a special idea but it really is as it is explained here. The main reason is there are many quality brands of watches out there on the market such as Fossil watches. These types of brands regularly produce new innovative and fashionable designs making them a good gift to go with a person’s wardrobe. Also these kinds of brands have lots of competition between themselves meaning that pricing is extremely competitive which gives a person plenty of options in terms of what they want to pay. Finally it is a gift that shows a lot of thought has gone into the idea and also it is a gift that a person cannot just use once or twice but use all the time for work events, work itself or social occasions.

Now if a person already has a good quality watch all is not lost as the term second watch is a very good idea. Normally a person will only have the one watch and it will either be formal or casual. Depending on what they have will determine which style of watch that is bought for them as their second watch. So if they have a casual watch for day time then one can buy them a formal design from Fossil watches that they can use for work and nights out.

Property Wealth Secret 101 – Presentation Is What Sells Your Home – So What’s The Wealth Secret?

We all know that the smell of a Sunday roast makes our taste buds dance or when we see an exquisite chocolate cake dessert with thick wiped cream on top that our mouths salivate almost uncontrollably.

Well hello! Our senses (all six of them) are always with us so don’t stop appealing to them when it comes to selling your home!

Selling your home in the easiest way possible and in the shortest time frame for the most dollars available, nothing bar nothing beats a great Presentation.

And we all know this wealth secret but for many of us we either don’t want to put the effort in or don’t know what to do to present our homes how they should be and especially when the budget is tight.

That’s not to say that you will get the highest price in the street, or that easy means that it will be a cinch, but what it does say is that the better your house is presented in a way that appeals to our senses, the easier and quicker you will sell your house and for the best money that a buyer will pay.

Presentation is not about spending dead money or total renovation. It is about spending money and effort that will preferably return its capital and some. Unfortunately you may need to spend dead money and put in some long over due effort to make the sale however.

You see, sometimes depending on the state of repair of your home, it is necessary to spend money that should have been spent in ongoing repairs at the time, to now make the sale. Like a toilet that doesn’t work for example, because most buyers will quite naturally expect your toilet to work.

However, for the most part, a functional kitchen need not be replaced to make a sale. Certainly new cupboard handles or a bench top may be justifiable but normally not so a full kitchen renovation.

And here’s a wealth secret. You must be able look at your home through the eyes of an educated stranger even before you look through the eyes of a potential buyer. Why? Because a stranger has no emotional interest in your home and can tell you like it is without fear, favour or bias.

Your bright pink girl’s room and dark blue boy’s room may seem appropriate and even beautiful to you, but not to a buyer with no teenage children. Your grandiose entertaining bar area may be your center of attention but not to a ‘Tea Totaler’ buyer.

Your stranger’s perspective will present an honest opinion about such personal tastes and identify things that can be changed or altered with minimal cost and in a short time frame.

Without doubt a big wealth secret is that cleaning and painting are two of your most cost effective and fastest paths to a sale and maximum dollars. Your motto should be, “If it’s not clean, clean it and if I think it needs paint… then paint it”.

Remember it is all about presentation, so your cleaning and painting should include de-cluttering. Then when you have a wonderfully clean and neutrally coloured paint theme throughout your house with no clutter, you can now do all those wonderful presentation tricks of the trade for your house inspections. Here are just a few, and always always remember another wealth secret. Perception is reality!

o Open the curtains to let in the natural light

o Turn on a light if any room is anything like a dark space

o Strategically place fresh flowers in your home

o Deodorize or ensure a nice fragrance permeates every room in your home

o Get rid of the dog and other house pets

o Ensure a pleasant musical CD is softly playing in the background

o Remove your vehicle from the open garage or driveway. If you do leave a vehicle there, it must be new or near new, sparkling clean and preferably prestige in make and model

o Have the house cool in summer and warm in winter and … if you have a log fire it should be lit.

o Have the smell of fresh baked Bickies or bread in the kitchen

o Freshly dampen the garden beds with a spray hose

o Set your dining table with the silver ware and fine china that you have possibly never used

o Keep personal photos strategically placed and to a minimum but just enough to be warm

o Take your phone socket out of the wall

If it is convenient for you to have your house in vacant possession, go to the effort of having it professionally furnished. There is no better way to present your house, period. Typical costing for this is approximately $2800 to $3500 for a full house of furniture over a period of 5 to 6 weeks. This has proved time and time again to easily pay for itself in both speed and financial return of sale.

Yes, it may take some work to achieve great presentation but if you really do want to sell your home in the easiest way possible and in the shortest time frame for the most dollars available, then nothing bar nothing, beats the best wealth secret of all, Presentation!